2017 Fall Fund Drive Posted October 8, 2017


To our Membership,

As you may know, our club’s financial condition has eroded over the past 10 years, in large part because of the current golf economics and the continued challenge of maintaining a healthy and growing membership.  This past Spring, our course had a late opening to allow recovery from last year’s drought, which has impacted our revenue in 2017.  However, through the efforts of our amazing staff at Amherst Golf Club, we are only in need of a small infusion of funds at this time, unlike a number of our neighboring courses, who are in much worse financial woes.

To continue sustaining the quality of golf at Amherst Golf Club, we are requesting voluntary contributions by those that have the means to do so, in lieu of raising membership dues.  These contributions will help defray our operating costs as part of the Fall 2017 Fund Drive.   Can you contribute $50?  $100?  More?  We thank you for anything you can provide above the membership dues you have provided.

Currently, our budget only permits us to operate on a thin margin, with a minimal reserve to cover unanticipated events and needs.  To offset this situation, we have set a goal to raise $10,000 to close the 2017 Fiscal Year.  This will allow the club to cover the labor and expenses to continue to successfully maintain this great golf course of ours.  Minimum wage rates have risen, and expenses range from purchasing materials necessary to recondition our sand traps to replacing aging equipment that is vital to upkeep of the course.  Without the support of generous donors like you, these needs will likely go unmet.

As a donor, you will be recognized for your generosity on the Amherst Golf Club website and in upcoming newsletters, unless you prefer to remain anonymous.

Come to the annual meeting/BBQ with the Board of Directors on Saturday October 14, 2017, 2:30 PM (shotgun scramble at noon), to hear more about your golf club.

Gratefully yours,