The inaugural charity event for the Hospice of the Fisher Home was a great success.  Elizabeth Weissbach, the director of the Hospice, was present with plenty of support from volunteers . . . over $10k was raised for this important non-profit, and AGC was please to host the event, which was ramrodded by local member David Farnham.

August 12, 2017 Fisher Home
Scramble Gross Jerry Miller
Bryan Johnson 30
Jeff Edwards
Frank Fernandes
Jack Jemsek
Dave Dougan 30
Gene Goldstein
Andrew Doming
Lloyd Greene
Steve Levin 30
Adam Bigelow
Tim Neale
CTDPin Susan Plante 9ft 6 5/8in

Tournament results:

And in benevolent fashion, Fisher House posted a piece in the local paper thanking all their sponsors.