2017 Novemberfest I Results Posted October 30, 2017


The team of Dennis Yarrows and Bob Rainville outpaced the field and the rain Sunday conclusion of Novemberfest I yesterday, shooting matching 65s on the scramble portion on Saturday and the 2-Ball on Sunday.  Congratulations Dennis and Bob!

October 29, 2017 Novemberfest I Gross Yarrows Dennis 65-65=130
2 Ball Scramble/ Rainville Bob
2 Ball Best Ball
Bagge Kevin 66-67=133
Jung Kevin
Ferriter Chris 65-68=133
Wilson Joe
Molta Jathan 65-69=134
Mertes Michael
Net Hartbarger Mike 63-62=125
Renderer Winslow
Dowd Bill 62-66=128
Dowd Aaron
Cipollino Frank 62-66=128
Cipollino Gavin
Morgan Jay 64-68=130
Morgan Jesse
Fasick Carter 65-68=133
Fasick Jon
Out of Money Gross Jones Steve 72
Varilly Chris
Net Morgan Michelle 69
Davis Elizabeth
O’Brien Matt 69
Lafleur David

Complete results: