Amherst Golf Club Rules


as posted in the Pro Shop

  1. There shall be no fivesomes at any time, except with the permission of the pro.
  2. The course is closed Tuesday afternoons at 3:30P.M. during the men’s round robin schedule. No one other than men’s round robin participants shall be permitted to play, except with the permission of the pro.
  3. The course is closed during regularly scheduled club tournaments except for tournament players.
  4. All members playing under a family membership, except for mother and father, are considered junior members.
  5. Junior members are not permitted to play in adult tournaments.
  6. The course is closed to junior members on Saturday and Sunday mornings unless playing with a senior member.
  7. Only beer purchased on premises will be allowed.
  8. Play is restricted each Thursday from 3 P.M. until 5:30 P.M. to women members of the club.
  9. All players shall be properly attired when playing golf. Not acceptable are: tank tops, t-shirts, halter tops, spaghetti straps, cut off shorts, gym shorts, short shorts and sandals. Metal spikes are not allowed.
  10. Starting on the 6th and 8th holes is permitted only with permission of the pro and only when the course is clear ahead so that players teeing off do not interfere with the progress of players on #5 and #7.
  11. Any group with an open hole in front and two or more groups waiting behind is deemed to be holding up play and must let those behind through.
  12. Only those equipped with a bag and clubs shall place a ball in play on the course. Spectators may accompany players·(Senior members only).
  13. AII facilities of the clubhouse are open to senior members and guests.
  14. Players coming off the 9th green will alternate positions with players starting on the 1st tee.
  15. Guests must be signed in at the pro shop before starting play.
  16. Golf carts and bags should not be left unattended on the course at any time.
  17. Please replace divots and repair ball marks on greens.
  18. The inappropriate display of anger or bad temper on the golf course including, but not limited to, throwing clubs and excessive use of profanity will not be tolerated. Offenses may lead to disciplinary measures which may include loss of golf privileges.