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2016 Novemberfest V Results Posted November 28, 2016


November 26 & 27, 2016 Novemberfest V
3 Ball Best Ball Gross Ferriter Chris
Garbacik Ed 65
Catto Alistair
Net O’Brien Matt
Pelchat Bryan 60
Lafleur Dave
Kelley Pat
Tamesy Joe 63
Yarrows Dennis


The NOVEMBERFEST and DECEMBERFEST tournaments will be Amherst Golf Club’s swan song once again.  They are popular, competitive and fun events.  Afterward, you can top off your day in the clubhouse with some of DT’s famous chili and dogs, along with your favorite adult beverage.  Note that Course Superintendent Carl Teschke indicated that the course needs to be closed again this winter due to the reseeding required to repair the fairways/rough from the drought damage.




2016 Novemberfest IV Results Posted November 21, 2016


November 19, 2016 Novemberfest IV Gross McGuire Pat 62
2 Ball Scramble Austin Chris
Wichowski Joey 64
Rainville Mike
Korpita Mike 65
Korpita Dan
Rogers Andy 65
Hunt Jim
Net Hunter John 57
Jemsek Jack
DeLue Larry 59
Hodgkins Don
Keedy Blake 59
Hartbarger Mike
Duclos Mike 59
Dorval Scott

2016 Novemberfest III Results Posted November 13, 2016


November 13, 2016 Novemberfest III Gross Morgan Jesse 64
Scramble/Best Ball Armstrong Bill
Yarrows Dennis 64
Lentner Mike
Garbacik Ed 68
Catto Alistair
Mercer Nate 68
Rickles Dylan
Net Plante Susan 59
Ayre Jen
Griffin Al 59
Laga Mike
Kelley Pat 59
Torpey Paul Jr
Gracie Jamie 60
Yurosek Morgan
Tansey Gene 60
Hunter John


Bob Toski visited the course on October 25th, and Carl Vigeland and Pro Dave Twohig had a couple of photo opportunities with the legendary golf professional and instructor.  Originally from Haydenville, Massachusetts, Bob now  lives in Boca Raton, Florida. Visit Bob Toski’s instructional web site Touch of Toski.

2016-10-25-11-41-35 2016-10-25-11-41-19

2016 Novemberfest II Results Posted November 6, 2016


November 5, 2016 Novemberfest II Gross Ferriter Chris
4 Ball Best 2 Garbacik Ed 135
Wilson Joe
Catto Alistair
Rogers Andy
Bagge Kevin 138
Kumpulanian Justin
St Laurent Kevin
Kamansky Chris
Gold Jeff 141
Hassenfratz George
Thomas Jim
Net Pelchat Bryan
Kielb Alex 128
Kielb Wally
Torpey Paul
Lasek John
Storey Bob 131
Calvanese Glenn
Ross Ken
Worthley Brad
Dowd Bill 132
Dowd Aaron
Hartbarger Mike


2016 Novemberfest I Results Posted October 31, 2016


October 29 & 30, 2016 Novemberfest Gross Lentner Mike 65-68=133
2 Ball Scramble/ Mercer Nate
2 Ball Best Ball
Yarrows Dennis 64-70=134
Rainville Bob
Morgan Jesse 66-71=137
Bullock Chad
Net O’Brien Matt 63-66=129
Lafleur Dave
Wood Brian 64-66=130
Berry Craig
Lussier Sam 60-71=131
Lussier Adam
Gold Jeff 63-68=131
Thomas Jim
Young Rich 67-64=131
Wonseski Tony
Out of Money Gross Rogers Andy 68
Moody Sam
Net Wardwell Bill 64
Yetter Chuck

2016 Turkey Shoot Results Posted October 23, 2016


On a very windy Sunday October 23rd, Adam Lussier handled the conditions rather nicely and won the Turkey Shoot tournament.

October 23, 2016 Turkey Shoot Gross Lussier Adam 76
Net DeLue Larry 68
Hunt Jim 70
Cody Jon 74
3 Ball Best Ball Net Hunt Jim
DeLue Larry 61
Tansey Gene
Cody Jon
Gillis Mike 63
Hunter John


And we have Winslow Renderer doing his best Elmer Fudd imitation during the Turkey Shoot golf event!


Terrrrific! That was Jack Shea’s response each time I walked into the Pro Shop and asked how he was doing. Terrific also describes the wonderful day that more than 50 golfers had on Sat. Oct. 15 while playing in the inaugural 2016 Jack Shea Memorial Scholarship Scramble.

Teams of all configurations – 4, 5, 6 players, members and non-members, all women, all men and mixed – challenged the course under increasingly beautiful skies. Afterward, we enjoyed a barbecue which included some of Jack’s favorite Carl Teschke dishes: coleslaw, potato salad, and of course, brownies.  Jack’s niece, Shawn Durocher, and his sister, Kathleen Weatherwax, were able to join us for the afternoon.  Kathleen drew the name of Susan Plante in the 50/50 raffle, and in the spirit of the day, Susan contributed her winnings to the scholarship fund.  In total, more than $1,000 were raised to support the mission of the Jack Shea Memorial Scholarship, i.e., provide monies to junior golfers to participate in the Golf for Kids program and junior memberships.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to thank everyone who helped organize and who participated in this very special event. It was our pleasure and honor to know and work with Jack and we look forward to the 2017 Jack Shea Memorial Scholarship Scramble.  I’m sure it will be terrrrific!

Thanks to all,

Jean Gowdey


Three generations in the clubhouse: Jack’s great niece, Christina Durocher, his niece Shawn Durocher, and his sister, Kathleen Weatherwax.


Scoreboard from the scramble:


Memory board created by Jack’s great nieces:

jack-shea-memory-board-i jack-shea-memory-board-ii



Amherst GC Safari Photos Posted October 11, 2016


Wildlife abounds at the Amherst Golf Club . . . despite being only minutes from civilization!

Click on the pics to enlarge


Spider web with a bit of dew constructed on the 1st Tee . . . with Halloween approaching of course!



A red-tailed hawk that nests in the spruce below the 1st tee came down to get a bird’s eye view of the golf action


The same red-tailed hawk contemplates on why the crows keep picking on him . . .

Hawk on No. 1

Hawk coming up No. 1 Fairway


Moose crossing the 8th fairway after making a disappointing putt on the 9th green . . .


Resident naturalist Gene Tansey helps out a fledgling and returns him to a branch where only an errant approach shot on the 7th would put the birdie in harm’s way.


Missing the foxes in 2014, but this guy from last year had a nose for the ball.


This is not a litter box Mr. Fox . . . don’t even think about it!


Cows and deer communing together in nature . . . at dusk . . . on a summer evening . . . on and off the 3rd fairway


Sasquach goofing around on the 8th fairway . . . again!

2015-08-22 16.27.42

Phasmatodea . . . a walking stick bug, roosting at the club house . . .

And here’s some live action video of a fox dragging a catch – a squirrel most likely – as dusk sets in at the course.