• The Amherst Golf Club Rules were updated by the Board of Directors, with two rules added. First, the “scout” rule was added, to emphasize all players should improve the course during play by practicing good course maintenance etiquette, such as replacing/filling divots, repairing ball marks, no littering, etc. Second, the know the Rules of Golf. If there is a question during play, the pro is just a phone call away. The updated rules have been posted in the Pro Shop and here.
  • The Board ask that all golfers be considerate of other players and the grounds crew and refrain from playing multiple balls (excluding provisional) when others are on the course. The club has practice areas for hitting multiple shots, and local driving ranges are also available for practice.
  • The dues and greens fees have held steady despite our struggles to meet operation and equipment costs the last 8 years or so. We want to reach out to those that want to do more for the club financially, and this will be detailed in a subsequent e-mail. Contributions to Members Court also has helped with upkeep of the course, but more is needed in these difficult times where golf memberships have declined nationally.
  • The drought in Massachusetts is officially over! Kudos to Carl Teschke and his grounds crew. Their diligent work last Fall and this Spring has the course looking as lush as ever.
  • The club has acquired a new roller, which has been long overdue, and the greens have already benefited. A new turbine blower is also in hand.  Below is a picture of Mike Gillis on the 5th green with the new machine.