End of Year Reminder: Cash in on Pro Shop credits by Dec 1st!

A reminder from the Pro Shop: 2015 Pro Shop credits must be redeemed by December 1st. Guess what – there’s going to be a NovemberFest

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  • Amherst Golf Club welcomes all golfers to come play . . .
  • Enjoying 2015 Octoberfest on No. 3 Tee
  • All clear for take-off on No. 1
  • Approach on No. 3 by Women's Club Champ Michelle Morgan
  • Getting a peek of how things lie on the challenging No. 7 green
  • Nice view back up at No. 1 tee
  • Surprises await on No. 6 and No. 3 greens . . .
  • Kids getting ready for a round of Speed Golf

Come play one of the best nine hole golf courses in Western Massachusetts!