2017 Amherst Cup Results Posted September 18, 2017


The Amherst Cup was yielded by Amherst Golf Club to Hickory Ridge Golf Club on September 17th.  The Amherst team fell into a deep hole playing at Hickory Ridge on Saturday the 16th, and were down 17.5 to 9.5.  However, a 17 to 10 rally by the Amherst team on their home course fell short of taking the cup.  Bryan Pelchat assisted in taking the most points for Amherst, taking 2.5 points in his singles match on Saturday, and then with partner Jim Thomas taking 2 of 3 points in their foursome match on Saturday.  Dennis Yarrows and Mike Lentner both took 3 points in their singles matches on Sunday.

September 17, 2017 Amherst Cup Gross Hickory Ridge GC 27.5
(at Amherst) (Hickory wins Cup)
Amherst GC 26.5

Complete Results:

Saturday at Hickory Ridge

Sunday at Amherst