Amherst GC Safari Photos Posted October 11, 2017


Wildlife abounds at the Amherst Golf Club . . . despite being only minutes from civilization!

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This red-tailed hawk had too much squirrel to just fly away from approaching golfers . . .


Spider web with a bit of dew constructed on the 1st Tee . . . with Halloween approaching of course!


A red-tailed hawk that nests in the spruce below the 1st tee came down to get a bird’s eye view of the golf action


The same red-tailed hawk contemplates on why the crows keep picking on him . . .

Hawk on No. 1

Hawk coming up No. 1 Fairway


Moose crossing the 8th fairway after making a disappointing putt on the 9th green . . .


Resident naturalist Gene Tansey helps out a fledgling and returns him to a branch where only an errant approach shot on the 7th would put the birdie in harm’s way.


Missing the foxes in 2014, but this guy from last year had a nose for the ball.


This is not a litter box Mr. Fox . . . don’t even think about it!

A curious doe by the 3rd green.


Cows and deer communing together in nature . . . at dusk . . . on a summer evening . . . on and off the 3rd fairway


Sasquach goofing around on the 8th fairway . . . again!

2015-08-22 16.27.42

Phasmatodea . . . a walking stick bug, roosting at the club house . . .

And here’s some live action video of a fox dragging a catch – a squirrel most likely – as dusk sets in at the course.