The 2018 Tournament and Event schedule will be provided in April 2018.

The 2017 Tournament and Event schedule is provided below and a printable version can be downloaded here.  See also the Amherst Golf Club Weekly Schedule, and the schedules for the Golf for Kids program.  Speed Golf for Kids may be added again in 2017.

Sign-ups are available at the Pro Shop, usually a week or two in advance of the specific tournament, or simply call the Pro Shop at (413) 256-6894.

2017 Tournament Schedule

April 2 Open Play – pending course is open
April 9 Open Play – pending course is open
April 16 Open Play – pending course is open
April 23 A.M. 4 Ball Best Ball
April 23 P.M. Women’s 4 Club
April 30 A.M. 4 Ball Best 2
April 30 P.M. Women’s Spring Scramble (rescheduled to May 7 P.M.)

May 7 A.M. 2 Ball Stableford
May 14 Open Play
May 18 A.M. W. Mass Women
May 20,21 Amherst 2 Ball Open
May 27,28 Garber Memorial (Match Play)
May 29 A.M. 4 Best Ball
May 29 P.M. Women’s Memorial

June 3 A.M. Founder’s Cup (W)
June 4 A.M Ken O’Brien Biathlon
June 6 A.M. Founder’s Cup(9H)
June 10th Remembering Jamie(9H)
June 11 A.M. Senior’s Champ.(M)
June 16 AM Senior 2 Ball Open
June 17 A.M. Women’s Special Cup
June 18 Father’s Day Tour. (Open Play with Tee Times)
June 20 A.M. Women’s Special Cup(9H)
June 22 PM Women’s Guest Day (9H)
June 23,24,25 Steam Boat(M) Member Guest

July 2 A.M. 4 Ball Point
July 4 A.M. 4 Ball Best Ball
July 4 P.M. Women’s 4 Ball Best Ball
July 7,8,9 Club Championship (M) (7th Champ Only)
July 15,16 Club Championship (M,W) (M Div 3,4,5-All Women’s)
July 23 Member-Member/Member-Guest
July 29 A.M. Women’s Open Tour
July 30 A.M. Member-Member/Member-Guest(M)

Aug 5 P.M. Jack Shea Memorial Scholarship Scramble (9H)
Aug 6 A.M. Amherst Open (singles)
Aug 9 P.M. St Brigid Scramble
Aug 12 @ 2 P.M. Hospice of the Fisher Home (9H)
Aug 15 A.M.Women’s President’s Cup (9H)
Aug 20 A.M. President’s Cup (M,W)
Aug 20 P.M. Aeration of Greens
Aug 27 Open Play

Sept 3 A.M. 4Ball Best 2
Sept 4 A.M. 4Ball Best Ball
Sept 4 P.M. Women’s Best Ball
Sept 9,10 The Hadley Open
Sept 10 P.M. Over 50
Sept 17 A.M. Amherst Cup
Sept 23 2 P.M. UMass Isenberg School Outing
Sept 30 Amherst 2 Ball Open

Oct 1 Amherst 2 Ball Open
Oct 7,8 A.M.Octoberfest(M)
Oct 9 P.M. Women’s 2 Best Ball
Oct 14 P.M. Annual Meeting Scramble
Oct 15 A.M. Battle of Bridge with Northampton CC
Oct 22 A.M. Turkey Shoot

Oct 28,Oct 29 Novemberfest I
Nov 4,5 Novemberfest II
Nov 11,12 Novemberfest III
Nov 18,19 Novemberfest IV

Note:  Open Events in Purple

Legends of Golf Schedule
Apr 12 Opening Scramble
May 17 Interclub Match – Amherst at Wilbraham
June 14 Member/Member Member/Guest
July 5 Legends/Ladies Scramble
July 12 Legends Championship
July 26 Interclub Match – Wilbraham at Amherst
Aug 2 Member/Member Member/Guest
Sept 13 Special Event
Oct 25 Turkey Shoot (Year – End Lunch)

Niners Schedule
Tuesdays May 2nd – Oct 3rd

Match Play Tournaments (Sign-up before May 1st)
Men’s Individual
Men’s Team
Senior’s Individual
Women’s Individual

Special Events
June 10th Remembering Jamie
July 6th MGA Junior Qualifier
July 22th Pete’s Birthday
Aug 5th Jack Shea Scramble (9H)
Aug 9th St Brigid Scramble
Aug 12th Hospice (9H)