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2018 Spring Membership Drive is On! Posted December 11, 2017


Current membership is the most successful means to recruit new members for next season.  If you have people that are interested in joining, please bring them by the course and play a round of golf with us.  Below is the New Membership Program for this year.

Spring Membership Special:

$600 for Single

$900 for Family Membership

The cost covers membership for the entire 2018 season for those that qualify as new members.

Enjoy the benefits of being a member at Amherst Golf Club:

  • No initiation fees to become a member,
  • No tee time needed, just come and play,
  • There are many leagues to play in, including:
    • Women’s Leagues Tuesday Morning & Thursday Nights,
    • Men’s League on Tuesday afternoon and evening,
    • Senior Men’s League on Wednesday Morning,
    • Mixed League on Monday evenings,
  • Regular tournament play throughout the golf season,
  • A membership community that is friendly and welcoming to new members,
  • A quality golf course with great greens maintained by Superintendent Carl Teschke and crew, and
  • Golf Lessons with PGA Pro Dave Twohig.  Dave also has Junior Camps in July/August and runs other successful junior programs like Speed Golf for Kids.

Have the prospective member try out the course and see the great value by playing a round and you will see the difference.  The 2018 New/Prospective Member event date is to be determined.  It will be free to all.  After playing a round at Amherst you will want to join, or at the very least, become a regular visitor until such time they can join.   Please pass on the attached announcements to assist you in getting out the good word:

  1. Invitation Letter to a Prospective Member
  2. 2018 Amherst Golf Club Membership Form

Thank you!


2017 Decemberfest I Results Posted December 4, 2017


December 3, 2017 Decemberfest I
3 Ball Best Ball Gross Cody Jon
Renderer Winslow 66
Yarrows Dennis
McElligott Chris
Finley KC 68
Kelton Jason
Rogers Andy
Jung Anthony 68
Moody Sam
Net Cody Jon
Fay Rich 61
Yarrows Dennis
Cronin DJ
Laga Mike 63
Griffin Al
Frant Roger
Gold Jeff 63
Jemsek Jack

Complete Results:

2017 Novemberfest V Results Posted November 27, 2017


November 25, 2017 Novemberfest V
3 Ball Best Ball Gross Cody Jon
Renderer Winslow 66
Yarrows Dennis
Lentner Mike
Bishko Bryant 67
Rainville Bob
Net O’Brien Matt
Pelchat Bryan 62
Lafleur David
Keedy Blake
Hartbarger Mike 62
Marion Curt
Som Rorth
Farnham Dave 62
Krause Mark
Kamansky Chris
Hassenfratz George 62
Kielb Alex

Complete results:

2017 Novemberfest IV Results Posted November 19, 2017


November 19, 2017 Novemberfest IV Gross Bagge Kevin 66
2 Ball Scramble Laurent St Kevin
Yarrows Dennis 68
Ciaschini Matt
Net Hodgkins Don 62
Klos Gene
Keedy Blake 63
Worthley Brad
Lussier Sam 63
Jemsek Jack
Broderick John 63
Wanat Paul
Cody Jon 63
Renderer Winslow

Complete results:

2017 Novemberfest III Results Posted November 13, 2017


Saturday and Sunday were chilly indeed, barely topping 40 deg F, but that didn’t take the heat away some winning teams for Novemberfest III

November 11 & 12, 2017 Novemberfest III Gross Bagge Kevin 68
Scramble/Best Ball St Laurent Kevin
Horne Chris 70
Coyle Mike
Net Cody Jon 60
Renderer Winslow
Cronin David 63
Cronin D J
Griffin Al 63
Laga Mike

Complete results:

2017 Novemberfest II Results Posted November 6, 2017


November 5, 2016 Novemberfest II Gross Armstrong Bill
4 Ball Best 2 Munsill Toby 137
Bucossi Daryl
Bullock Chad
Ciukaj Chris
Lavana Matt 137
Soloperto John
Davol Matt
Bagge Kevin
Jung Anthony 139
White Bruce
St Laurent Kevin
Net Morgan Jay
Morgan Jesse 129
Allan Glenn
Carver Kris
Hartbarger Mike
Keedy Blake 131
Renderer Winslow
Cody Jon
Coelho John
Desmarias Leo 132
Cambo Glen
Slocombe Neal

Complete results:

2017 Novemberfest I Results Posted October 30, 2017


The team of Dennis Yarrows and Bob Rainville outpaced the field and the rain Sunday conclusion of Novemberfest I yesterday, shooting matching 65s on the scramble portion on Saturday and the 2-Ball on Sunday.  Congratulations Dennis and Bob!

October 29, 2017 Novemberfest I Gross Yarrows Dennis 65-65=130
2 Ball Scramble/ Rainville Bob
2 Ball Best Ball
Bagge Kevin 66-67=133
Jung Kevin
Ferriter Chris 65-68=133
Wilson Joe
Molta Jathan 65-69=134
Mertes Michael
Net Hartbarger Mike 63-62=125
Renderer Winslow
Dowd Bill 62-66=128
Dowd Aaron
Cipollino Frank 62-66=128
Cipollino Gavin
Morgan Jay 64-68=130
Morgan Jesse
Fasick Carter 65-68=133
Fasick Jon
Out of Money Gross Jones Steve 72
Varilly Chris
Net Morgan Michelle 69
Davis Elizabeth
O’Brien Matt 69
Lafleur David

Complete results:

2017 Turkey Shoot Results Posted October 23, 2017


October 22, 2017 Turkey Shoot Gross Marion Curt 73
Morgan Jay 75
Hodgkins Don 78
Net Cody Jon 69
Jemsek Jack 69
Kelley Pat 69
Torpey Paul 70
Gillis Mike 70
3 Ball Best Ball Gross Allan Glenn
Keedy Blake 70
Jemsek Jack
Net Dowd Bill
George Doug 61
Farnham Dave

Complete results:


 AGC Annual Meeting Agenda

Saturday, October 14, 2017, 2:30 PM


President’s Message – Jack Jemsek

 2017 has been a bit of an epiphany for me regarding Amherst Golf Club.   We were able to essentially replicate another solid year, making it two years in a row where we haven’t lost membership.  I am confident we as a club are going to make in the long haul, because the core of our membership is comprised of a fellowship of golfers that take pride in our course, buoyed by the innate friendship that golfers have with each other . . . because of our mutual “love of the game”.   But I also take pause with regard to the changes that the new millennium has wrought on the game:  the sluggish economy, the advent of screens dominating our lives, and the passé of our traditional pastimes.  Will we ever be the social enclave that the Club was 20 years ago?  Probably not . . . but our membership still rocks . . . my adopted slogan for the course that is used time to time in our social media was taken from our writer and past President Carl Vigeland . . . this is the place where “Whispers of a fabled past mingle with the pleasures of a perfect present”.

So on to business . . . with some resolve, our volunteer Board of Directors, Pro Dave Twohig and Superintendent Carl Teschke have amazingly kept our head above water since the post-2008 dip in the golf industry.  If you recall, several area courses went up for auction at that time . . . that is when I found a Pro in Dave Twohig who I could turn to and give me the right perspective on the game and a wonderful introduction to Amherst Golf Club. . . . Thank you Dave for all that you do for us amateurs!!

For us to have survived the ravage of the 2016 drought to the extent we have is not insignificant.  A salute to Carl Teschke is not enough . . . he needs a standing “O” for what he’s been able to do with so little during his tenure as our Superintendent.  He recruits a top notch crew, frequently calling upon his family, Kathy, Carl Jr. and Samantha to the cause, to keep the course in tip top shape.  During the year, including the winter, he also wears a mechanics hat to enable him to extend the life of our greens equipment.  As we’ll hear from our Treasurer Gordy Palley, our operating budget is slim . . . and even miniscule compared to other comparable courses . . . yet we are blessed to provide our patronage with what I think is the best golf experience in the area.  Carl must also be part magician to make this all work!

About our membership . . . we could use another 50 members . . . it would make all the difference and we wouldn’t be having some of these discussions.  Members need to recruit new members . . . you all are our best asset for sustaining the Club!  The members we have are pretty special . . . 45 of us joined in the Spring Cleanup to save the club a couple of thousand dollars in jump starting our season.  Look for another Fall Cleanup event in the December timeframe . . .

Our board is amazing . . . I thank Doug George and Carl Vigeland for allowing me to help to the extent I have, and Sam Lussier for his guidance as Past-President . . . Gordy Palley goes to the mat for the Club day in and day out as our Treasurer.  John Hunter shows great ingenuity regarding membership/marketing as our Vice-President, Carl Vigeland’s passion for the course as the Greens Committee chair is unwavering, Bob Nakosteen continues to do so much for the club as the Secretary, and Jean Gowdey and Ann Kieser champion the AGC Women’s Association.  Jack Arena, our Amherst College representative on the Board, is doing a tremendous job in getting assistance from the College, which we are in debt for their generosity.   Please contact one of us if you have some interest in assisting the Club or being on the Board.

  • Committee Reports:
    • Secretary – Vote to approve minutes from 2016 Annual Meeting
    • Treasurer’s Report – Gordy Palley
    • Women’s Association


  • Presentation of 2017’s Awards and Prizes:   Dave Twohig


  • Election of the Board of Directors for the coming year

    • President: Jack Jemsek (will serve 2nd year of 2-year term)
    • Past-President: Sam Lussier
    • Vice President: John Hunter
    • Treasurer: Gordon Palley
    • Secretary/Clerk: Bob Nakosteen
    • Women’s Representative: Ann Kieser
    • Green’s Committee Chair: Carl Vigeland
    • Amherst College Rep: Jack Arena
    • Membership Chair:  Dave Dougan
    • At Large:  Jean Gowdey
    • Vote to accept


  • New Business:

We’d like to hear from our membership at this time.  What can we do to increase our membership and further improve our golf experience at Amherst Golf Club?


  • Adjournment


Novemberfest I, the Two Day Two Ball event on Oct 28th and 29th, kicks off the popular Novemberfest Open weekend events. . . . Novemberfest I is filling up fast, so contact Pro Dave Twohig to get your team signed up with a tee time!